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As your State Representative, I will stand up for a fully funded education for our kids, an economy that helps working people get ahead, and defending the right to equal justice and equal rights for ALL. 


Create Jobs for All Georgians - We need to remove unnecessary roadblocks to young people and working class Georgians entering the workforce. We must reform licensing laws to make it easier for Georgians to take that first step on the economic ladder.


Make Georgia #1 for Small Business - Take a chainsaw to ridiculous regulations and burdensome mandates. Work with business people - not bureaucrats - to cut red tape and streamline state government.


Strengthen All of Georgia - We must give rural communities the same opportunities as the rest of Georgia. Bring high-speed Internet to rural Georgia. ​​​​


A Fully Funded Education for Our Kids - We must fully fund QBE and invest in helping our kids with special needs with educational opportunities that fit them best.   


Defend Your Rights - We must defend the whole Bill of Rights and make equal rights for all a reality. 


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